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Cistern Restoration Project

The cisterns were originally constructed in the 1890's to store rain water used to create steam in the fog signal building. The cistern lids were most recently renovated in 1939. Since then the lids have fallen into extreme disrepair and currently the two cisterns are fenced off. In 2017 the bids to restore the lids of the cisterns came to upwards of $80,000 due to parts and labor costs. 

Point SLO Lighthouse Keepers are currently working on whether to secure the cisterns or to renovate them completely. Securing them would be around $10,000, whereas to renovate completely would be at the $80,000 mark. Fundraising is ongoing to reach either goal in order to ensure the cisterns as historic aspects of the station are well taken care of. 

Lower Terrace Beautification Project

In 2017 two grants were awarded from the Avila Beach Community Center and the City of San Luis Obispo to help fund the beautification project at the Lower Terrace.

The project will include installing erosion control walls along with native California plant varieties to help stop further cliff erosion. Electrical and water conduits will also be installed to better irrigate the area and provide illumination during events.

Although generous the grants will not pay  the full cost of the beautification project, Point SLO is seeking extra funds to see the project through to completion.

Light Station Painting

At 128 years old, the Point San Luis Light Station is in need of a good paint job. The last painting occurred around ten years ago, and since then numerous large storms and the harsh oceanic salt water has diminished the paint. Recently thanks to a grant from the Avila Beach Community Foundation the tower has been repainted black, now funds are needed to paint not only the historic lighthouse but also the fog signal building and coal building. Estimates to paint the buildings are in the $40,000 range. 



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