Updating Henry the Trolley

Introducing Henry!

In 2016 The Point San Luis Lighthouse Keepers purchased a used trolley to add to our fleet. The purpose of the trolleys is to get people to and from the Lighthouse during tours, programs, and events. Keeping with tradition of naming our vehicles, this trolley was named "The Henry Wilson Young" after the first Head Lighthouse Keeper out at Point San Luis. 

The trolley however was in need of many repairs and quite a bit of polishing. So in 2017 The Point SLO Lighthouse Keepers wrote a grant to the Avila Beach Community Foundation asking for funds to spruce up the vehicle. This grant was awarded, and throughout the year the multiple projects have been undertaken to completion. 

Henry Wilson Young Trolley
New Bumper

Projects Included:

Purchase and installation of new windshield wipers. (Gotta see in the rain!)

Construction and installation of additional seating.

Construction of a new Front Bumper, welded by L&L Customs in Arroyo Grande.

Installation of a new PA system, with gracious help from volunteer Iain Sinclair who expertly connected the system. 

Installation of a new fire and noise proof engine liner to reduce sound. 

Repainting all interior panels of the trolley, completed by intern Tamiko Cavey.

Vinyl wrap of exterior with new logos by Lava Print Media in Atascadero.

All these projects were completed in 2018!